Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair

What is it we say?  Your hair is your best accessory, have some fun with it!

Well I have really had some fun with my hair over the last sixteen month, in fact most of my adult life I have been changing things up.  How did this all start I hear you ask, well!

Once Upon A Time there was a young girl with long perfectly straight golden hair, the girl never gave much thought to her hair other than which side to part her fringe on (that’s bangs to my American friends), until the late 80’s rolled around and the rats tail hair style gained mainstream popularity for a brief period.  She was so excited, She wanted to be the cool kid with the trendy hair, so when hair cut time presented itself, she made the request to her parents as did her younger sister!  Soooo little sis got the rats tail and blondie was told NO, say what!!  She had to keep her long very straight boring hair.  Obviously she was not thrilled, but what could she do,  She wasn’t ready to rebel at that point.

She got over it, and along came the BIG permed hair look, now this one her parents were on board with, she sat in the bathroom while her Mum haphazardly put rollers in her hair and covered it with the noxious chemicals.  She loved it, all that body and hair spray, couple that with a few bottles on sun in over the course of the next year or two, and she was a happy if not crunchy haired young lady.  Yes that young lady was me.

I eventually rebelled where it came to my hair, I started small, high lights at first, then I went all in, and cut my long hair short, Then, I foolishly started to play with hair color at home.  Let me tell you this did not go so well.  Picture, purple hair (I think it was called Victorian Plum), then dyed back to blond, but ended up orange.  I learned a few things over the years.

I get bored easily with my hair, I love the idea of shaking things up and not conforming to the norm, I want to be creative, but I do not want to stick out like a sore thumb.  I want to be edgy, its my style, its my personality, but I also want to be age appropriate and maintain my air of sophistication.   So I don’t mess with my own hair any more, I find a hairstylists that gets me, understands my quirks, my hair type and what I want to achieve, but someone who isn’t afraid so say no to me when I want to skirt with disaster (thank you Nathan). 

My hair has been, warm brown, Black, Navy, Pink, Blue, Platinum and wait for it grey (yes my husband finds that one amusing, he has been heard to say, everyone else pays to cover the grey you paid to have it out in!!).  I have loved every color and cut, and I will keep doing it my way, that’s just who I am.

I’m not for a second saying you should all run out and dye your, or cut it all off, it’s not for the faint hearted.  But, If you have always wanted to try something different, do it.  If you feel your current hair style doesn’t represents your style, take baby steps to change that, always been curious about trying a different color? explore the possibility.  But do it with a great and trusted hairstylist at your back.