Ep 13: Fall Fashion Week

Fall fashion is on the horizon, and more specifically fall fashion here in the Pacific Northwest. In this episode the team talks fashion shows with their usual sense of humor, and takes time for a lively interview with the The Bellevue Collection to chat about all the wonderful stylish events happening during Fall Fashion Week 2019.

Ep 12: Mutton Dressed as Lamb

We work with a lot of clients over the age of 10, therefore, most want insights and ideas of how to have style that’s age appropriate versus dated. In this episode we talk about how age is a mindset, not a twinset – meaning, as you age, it’s even more important to embrace who you are and defy gravity while you’re at it!

Ep11: Wisdom From The Wardrobe 's SNL "Style Night Live" and uncut

"Style Night Live" and uncut

In this episode the team takes the show on the road with a live audience, minus Bec who was traveling. We don't deviate from our usual banter, just add to the mix, a lively diverse, hungry for knowledge audience, good food and a cocktail or two and you have a recipe for tons of fun and plenty of laughs! To cap it off the team takes on candid questions related to style from the audience, and of course we give great answers.

Ep10: I’m gonna pop some tags (AKA Thrifting)

When you love “popping tags” the same rules apply as when you shop full price. So when clients ask us about shopping discount or in thrift shops, we have thoughts which we happily share in this episode. We also chat with Jennifer Fisher, Executive Director of Bellevue Life Spring, one of our favorite charities to shop and support.

Ep09: Men & Style, an Oxymoron? Not If They’d Stop to Ask for Directions!

We talk about men and style; how they aren’t nurtured to identify and own their style in the same way women are, whether via parenting, play, peers and social media. We encourage men to find and refine their style in a way that fits their body and represents whatever age and stage they’re in now so they can stay relevant, yet real.

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