We Help You, Find You

Style is...

More relevant than people realize; it permeates every aspect of how we conduct our daily lives. Personal style makes a statement about who we are; but even more importantly, it conveys how we feel about who we are. Professional style does the same, but it also conveys how successful we feel about what we do. Personal and professional style combine to create a brand; it is Michael Bruce Image Consulting's job to help define your brand identity.

We provide this service to both individuals AND businesses who are in need of the tools and education on how to sharpen their "brand". We help you...

Be You:

We begin with a complimentary Personal Style Assessment to learn who you are and what your style needs and goals are for yourself and your lifestyle.

Be Authentic:

Project the right image with a boost to your self-esteem and be reminded that you are an individual that does not sway with the unpredictable winds of fashion.

We work in client's closets to clear the clutter that blurs who they are and how they present themselves to the world.

Be Organized:

Most people wear less than 10% of the clothing in their closet; wade through the closet and mind clutter to revive and refresh your style and closet simultaneously.

We assess and clear the baggage; and leave clients with a clear vision of what they can and should do to reach their style goals.

Be Confident:

We reintroduce clients to themselves and educate them on how to dress and shop with renewed confidence and newfound flair so their exterior can finally reflect the interior that has long been buried.  

Know what to wear and how to wear it for any occasion. Don't let budget, body shape or the shopping blahs create stress; none are actually roadblocks to achieving personal style.